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Archives for December 2023

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December 31, 2023

1. Read Matthew 2:1-12. 2. What do you think the presence of the wise men in Jerusalem after the birth of the Messiah says about God's glory? 3. Why do you think King Herod and all of Jerusalem were "disturbed" and not happy to hear about the birth of the King of the Jews? What are some things that make people disturbed to hear the good news of Jesus today? 4. Wha...

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December 17, 2023

Matthew 1:18 25 What aspect of today's passage raises questions for you about Jesus' birth? What were the four things we learned about Joseph from verse 19? If you are a husband, explain what detail of Joseph's love for Mary that challenges you most. If you are a wife, state one thing (I am sure there are hundreds) that you appreciate about your husband. Jo...

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December 10, 2023

Read Luke 1:26-38 1. In verses 26-30 of our passage, we see God shows favor to Mary. The word "favor" means grace. How has God personally shown you grace over the past year? 2. Mary's response to the angel Gabriel's proclamation was confusion and fear. Have you ever been fearful of something that turned out to be a blessing? 3. Gabriel responded to Mary's fear by reassu...

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December 3, 2023

Isaiah 53:4-5 When you think of Christ's birth what immediately comes to your mind? The primary question being answered during today's sermon was: why should we, as followers of Christ, celebrate the birth of Christ enthusiastically? How would you answer that question? Why is it often or occasionally difficult for followers of Christ to embrace the marvelous truth tha...

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