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September 20, 2020

Matthew 8:18-22

1) Begin by sharing one thing from your Bible reading this week that you found valuable.


2) The first demand that Jesus makes of His disciples is to go to your enemies and love them. This is clear when He gave orders to go to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, Matthew 8:18.

A) Who comes to mind with the word enemies? Who are your enemies?

B) Have you avoided speaking to, or spending time with, certain people?

C) Are you willing to go to them (your enemies) and love them?

3) The second demand that Jesus makes of His disciples is that they be willing to lose their worldly possessions, including their home, for His sake. Matthew 8:20.

A) What possessions are most precious to you?

B) Are they more precious to you than Jesus or His word?

C) How are you going to decrease your devotion to possessions and increase your devotion to the Lord? Be specific!


4) The third demand that Jesus makes of His disciples is that they give Him allegiance over everything including family and friends. Matthew 8:22.

A) What kind of conflicts exist in your family in regards to Christianity?

B) Are you willing to prioritize Jesus over your family?

C) How will you engage with your family in the future?


5) Two men in this passage, Matthew 8:18-22, make declarations about following Jesus but then abandon them when confronted with the cost of following Jesus.

A) Have you calculated the cost of following Jesus?

B) What is the cost?

C) Why would you pay the cost?


6) Many think that Jesus is just a teacher.

1) What is the danger of believing that Jesus was just a teacher?

2) What are other passages in the Bible that prove Jesus is more than a teacher?