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April 11, 2021

Matthew 12:22-32

Starting Question: It's been a week since we celebrated Easter Sunday, what stood out to you the most from Good Friday/Resurrection Sunday?

v. 22: How can you continue to be amazed by the work of Jesus & not grow numb to the accounts of Jesus?

v. 23: What would it have meant to call Jesus the Son of David?

v. 24: Hard hearts are only softened by the work of the Holy does this press us to pray consistently? Do we take time to pray that the Holy Spirit would open eyes, ears, & hearts to the truth of Jesus?

v. 25-27: Illogical & inconsistent reasoning is seen...what are the reasons people reject Jesus today?

v. 25-27: We heard about one of our members who became a Christian later in life...with the point being that nothing is too hard for Jesus. What are other accounts, either from the Bible or your own life, that point to this same truth?

v. 28-29: Jesus has ushered in the Kingdom of God & Satan is a defeated you believe this? If so, how does it shape the way we live our lives?

v. 30-32: There is no neutrality concerning Jesus...looking at 1 John 3:10, what are ways people can be characterized by righteousness?

Ending Question: This week's message ended with a call to examine whether you are in opposition to God or a follow of Christ. How has the gospel message compelled you to share it with others since everyone is in one of these two positions?