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May 30, 2021

Community Group Questions: May 30, 2021

Matthew 13:31-33


Anders Clark taught us in four sections the parables of "The Mustard Seed and the Leaven" in Matthew 13:31-33:

  • The parables
  • The parables proved
  • The parables experienced
  • The parables applied

The Parables:

1.  Anders addressed a statement that many unbelievers use to discredit God or call Him a liar:  If Jesus said the mustard seed is the smallest seed, either Jesus got it wrong or we can't trust the Bible. Anders reminded us of two things: the men who wrote the Bible, wrote it under the inspirtation of the Holy Spirit, and they wrote of things pertinent to the Gospel. The Bible does not include information on other topics such as:  the law of gravity or the speed of light; Jesus was not giving a lecture on botany when He shared the Parable of the Mustard Seed.  How would you address this concern with unbelievers you know? What is the point of both of these two parables?

2.  Was the working definition of the Kingdom of God, that it is the church, new to you? How does this definition help you understand the parables?

The Parables Proved:

3.  Read Acts 1:8, 9:31 and 28:11-16.  How do these verses prove the parables?  How did Jesus keep His promise? How do you see this promise continuing today? How is Jesus working out this promise through you? See Matthew 28:16-20.

The Parables Experienced:

4.  If you are a believer, you are a "testament to the growth of the Kingdom."; you are a "beneficiary of the growth."   How might this affect your view this week of what God has done for you, and will do through you, for your good and His glory? What would your prayer life look like if it reflected this truth? 

The Parables Applied:

5.  The Kingdom of God grows: "Do you care more for politics than your God? What do you talk about more or share about more?" How have your conversations this week reflected that you care more about someone else's politics than their soul?  What is tempting you to cling to its kingdom rather than the Kingdom of God?  What would your schedule reflect is more precious to you? The lost soul or an inferior, temporal kingdom?

6.  The Kingdom of God grows: "Pray that others might join in it....Jesus wins." If you desire citizenship in Heaven: tell Him of your wrongs and guilt, with contrition; trust the Scriptures; and trust in Jesus Christ who takes away sin.  If you are a citizen: pray for faith and repentance; care for your passport to the Kingdom: keep the credentials up to date, don't stop repenting, pray for those around you that they "do not lose all that is precious to them."

7.  The Kingdom of God grows: "Muster your courage".  Anders gave us the example of the account of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17).  "Jesus is the true and better David."  Where are you afraid to use the "sword that slays" to "cut the old man of sin that lives inside of you"?  In what area are you idle, lazy, or double-minded?  Does your life reflect the truth that "The Kingdom of God grows"? For what will you pray for mercy, renewal, and courage, to be made holy and righteous, for your good and His glory?