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Romans 16:17-27

A: Paul gives 2 warnings in v. 17-18: watch out & avoid. These warnings are because of coming false teachers. So 2 questions based out of these verses: First, what are ways we can help people watch out & avoid false teachers today? Second, the description in v. 18 of the false teachers speaks to self-glory and self-promotion…are these still characteristics of false teachers in our own day?

B: Paul then speaks of the faithfulness of the church at Rome in v. 19 & urges them to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil. It was said that this happens as we immerse ourselves in the Word of God. How does reading God’s Word regularly give discernment to God’s people? What is your plan of action when it comes to reading God’s Word for 2019?

C: Paul emphasizes the hope of the gospel in v. 20, “The God of peace will soon crush Satan.”, and points to what is said in Genesis 3:14-15. How does knowing that God is trustworthy & sure give hope to the Christian no matter the circumstances? 

D: From v. 21-23, Paul lists 8 men to greet the church to highlight the harmony that the gospel creates. It was said that, “there is nothing more unifying than the good news of the gospel.” Looking at Revelation 7:9-12, how can we promote this gospel-centered unity in our lives right now?

E: As Paul gets to the doxology that ends Romans, he starts by unpacking the strength of the gospel in v. 25-26. The gospel saves & secures…even Gentiles! And this salvation leads to sanctification. Pastor Nate said, “Salvation isn’t the finishing line, it is the starting line.” What changes when you begin to have that mindset concerning salvation & sanctification?

F: In light of all that’s been said, Paul ends in v. 27 with praise of God. So wrapping up the time in Romans, we saw throughout that Paul: 1) made much of Christ, 2) mused on Christ, & 3) mimicked Christ. And that all this was in light of Christ’s love for Paul. So how can we follow this example of making, musing, & mimicking & help others to do the same?