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Romans 12:3-8

1. We started by looking at the attitude of the church in v. 3.

A: We focused first on the words of both v. 2-3 & how we are to not buy into the lies of the world concerning ourselves. Two lies were mentioned specifically: “I’m good enough” & “Believe in Yourself.” What are other lies concerning ourselves must Christians be aware of? What is the basis for Christian discernment concerning these types of statements?

B: In this verse, we hear that we are to “think with sober judgment” about ourselves. What helps us to have a proper assessment of who we are?

C: Pastor Nate alluded to Philippians 2:3-11 as the model attitude for the church: humility. What are ways that humility is exemplified in the context of the church?

2.Next we moved into v. 4-5 & the diversity & unity of the church.

A: Based off v. 4, we see that diversity is a gift of God to the church. How can we better appreciate the diversity that God has provided our church?

B: It was said that a healthy & diverse church grows and builds itself up in love. Have you ever experienced this? If so, what contributed to this kind of health & diversity?

C: In v. 5, we see that our unity is around Jesus Christ. How has the truth of the gospel given you a foundation for building quality relationships within the church?

3. We then looked at v. 6-8 & the different gifts among the people of God.

A: The list was divided into 2 sections, and the first was speaking gifts: prophecy, teaching, and exhorting. Give examples of how each of these gifts can be exercised.

B: The second list was made up of serving gifts: serving, contributing, leadership, and mercy. What are examples of these gifts being exercised?

C: How do we come to recognize the gifts that we’ve been given/not given?

4. We ended with the challenge facing the church today.

A: The challenge is selfishness, not exercising the gifts that God has given us for the building up of His church. So how can you begin to exercise the gifts that God has given you for the good of the church right now?