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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive?
Our services start at , however we encourage people to arrive early as we have events & items to check out at the Promotion Table, coffee to enjoy at the MBC Cafe, information about the church at the Welcome Desk, & a children's check-in process that you’ll want to make sure to go through if you have kids with you. So feel free to arrive 20 minutes before the service you plan to attend.

Is there a certain door to enter?
There are 3 main entrances (west, north, east) to the main building. Each of these doors will have a greeter that will not only welcome you into the building, but would be able to help you find the welcome desk to answer any other questions you might have about MBC.

What’s available for kids on Sunday mornings?
We offer Sunday School during each service throughout the school year for kids ranging from newborn through 5th grade. Sunday School is then offered in the summer months for kids in the nursery through preschool, the K-5th graders join the rest of the church in worship services during the summertime.

What happens during a worship service?
First off, both of our worship services have the same songs and sermons, so feel free to join us for either one! We typically start our services with a few announcements of upcoming events followed by a Scripture reading that calls us to worship. Then we sing songs that point us to the truth of the gospel, teach sound doctrine, and remind us of the work of Christ. We typically sing 4-5 songs during this time.

After we finish singing, we then have the reading of the Bible passage that will be preached that morning. Upon finishing the reading of the passage, the preacher will say, “This is God’s Word”, and the congregation responds, “Amen & amen.” This is in line with Nehemiah 8 as Ezra completes the reading of the Scriptures & the people respond in Nehemiah 8:6, “Amen, Amen!” to the reading.

MBC sermons are preached from an expositional approach, meaning that the sermon seeks to highlight the point of that specific passage. As we understand the point of the passage, we then move to applying and exhorting in light of that truth. A typical MBC sermon will last 30-35 minutes. We then move to a time of response through singing.

The song that we sing to conclude our service is to reflect the truth of the passage just preached. After singing we end with the reminder of our church’s mission by reading it together: “We are on a mission superior to all other missions. To make known the gospel so that those who don’t know Christ would come to know Christ & that those who do know Christ would grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ to the glory of God.”

How often do you take communion?
The first, third & fifth Sunday of each month, we take time after the sermon to take communion. MBC believes that this is an act of worship for Christians and is to be taken seriously by confessing sin before God, reflecting on the finished work of Christ, and rejoicing that Christ is victorious over sin and death.

What else happens with MBC through the week?
We have discipleship classes on Sunday evenings, youth group meets on Sunday nights, community groups that meet all over the Yakima valley throughout the week in various homes, women’s Bible studies that meet on Tuesdays, our children’s ministry has AWANA on Wednesday nights during the school year, and we have a prayer gathering in North Portable 1 on Wednesday nights. These are all opportunities to meet on a weekly basis, and other opportunities take place through specific ministries.

What safety measures are taken at MBC on Sundays?
Memorial Bible Church is committed to providing a safe environment for you and your family to worship. We have a security team that is committed to protecting your family and those attending Memorial Bible Church. The security team has members that have law enforcement and military experience. We are committed to providing up to date training, so that our members are equipped to protect your family in any situation. The security team is headed up by Associate Pastor Bryan Elliott who has law enforcement experience. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Bryan Elliott at belliott@mbcyakima.com.

Also, all of our children’s programs require children to be checked in. Your child will receive a name tag that shows any medical concerns or allergies. The name tag also includes a security code on it. As the parent or guardian, you will receive another tag with a security code on it that matches the child’s security code. Your tag with the code must be presented and match the child’s code before the child is released from the care of Memorial Bible Church. This is to ensure the safety of your child by only having the person with the security tag be able to pick up your child. Our security team monitors the children’s areas and the church building as a whole.