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November 17, 2019

MICAH 6:9-16

1. Pastor Nate began by reminding us that Micah was a prophet sent by God to rebuke the people of their sin & remind them of God’s faithful love in hopes that they would repent & enjoy restoration rather than ruin. Keeping this point in mind, how does this act of sending a prophet highlight the patience of God towards His people? How have we experienced this kind of patience from God? How can we be more patient with others in light of the patience of God towards us?

2. In Micah 6:9, we see that it is wise to have a proper fear of God…this was defined as having a reverential awe of God & humble submission to God. What are the characteristics of people that have a proper fear of God?

3. Then in Micah 6:10-12, the reasons for punishment are laid out. They include: the fact God can’t ignore sin, that the people are marked by being thefts, the brutality of the people towards others, and the lying of the people. Take time to walk through each of these 4 reasons…how are each of these still relevant in the world today?

4. From Micah 6:13-15, the punishment of Judah is laid out. The punishment will be gradual & includes no longer enjoying good things (like food), no longer being nourished (dysentery), & unable to enjoy the fruit of their labor (olive oil & wine). How does the description of their punishment reveal the seriousness of their sin? What are ways we can try to minimize the seriousness of sin in our own lives?

5. In Micah 6:16, we see a final explanation of punishment…the people tolerate & imitate the acts of evil men (Omri & Ahab). Pastor Nate said, “The devastating effects of sin do not go away when we die.” Do we believe this statement? If so, how do we respond in light of it?

6. We ended with a word on the relevance of the Old Testament prophets. They remind us of sin & God’s view of sin…and the promise of God’s rescue from sin as they point us to the person & work of Jesus Christ. So far, how has our time in Micah helped you to see these things: the severity of sin, the righteousness of God, & the work of God to rescue sinners?