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November 24, 2019

Micah 7:1-17

1. We started by looking at Micah 7:1-6 & why the situation was indeed a “Woe is me” moment. How do the various circumstances seen in the verses contribute to the accurate words of “Woe is me”?

2. We were cautioned to not look at the circumstances of Micah 7:1-6 & think we’re superior on our own. We then heard from Titus 3:3 about our own situation apart from Christ, how does remembering who we are apart from Christ help us maintain a posture of humility? How does remembering your past remind you of God’s rescuing work?

3. Next we looked at Micah 7:7 & the way to hope in the midst of darkness. Walk through the 3 aspects of the verse & discuss how you can be reminded that God is over all things & reigns supreme, God has done the work of saving, & that God continues to be at work?

4. Then we moved into the final 10 verses & the first theme of God’s people having hope, being restored, & experiencing renewal. Look at Micah 7:8-9…what makes confessing sin so difficult? How does the confession of your sin before God relate to your confidence in the work of God to vindicate? Here’s another way of asking: by seeing your sin for what it is, does it help you see the work of God realized in Christ for the great work that it is?

5. One part of the restoration & renewal portion of Micah 7 is that there is room for all kinds of people in this rescuing work, even some that might surprise! How does this news encourage you to share the gospel or support gospel advancement work?

6. Then we talked about the 2nd theme of the final 10 verses: the shame & defeat of God’s enemies. Looking at Micah 7:10, 13, 16…what are ways we continue to see people act defiantly, arrogantly, & rebelliously towards God?

7. The final verse covered was Micah 7:17. The verse speaks of the fact that the enemies of God will experience complete defeat & humiliation…why is it so important that the Bible brings up this defeat of God’s enemies in multiple places throughout Scripture?