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1 Corinthians 11:17-34

1 Corinthians 11:17-22: The Serious Situation

1. From v. 17 we read that their gatherings don’t increase their holiness…but their wickedness. What are ways that a gathering of Christians should increase our holiness?

2. In v. 18-19, Paul speaks on disunity & unity. What are ways people can contribute to the unity of MBC? How can challenging moments in the life of a church bring clarity as Paul talks about at the end of v. 19?

3. We then see the reality of the Corinthian church…they are going through the motions of Communion, but it is a fraud (explained in v. 21-22). How can we learn from the errors that took place in this situation in Corinth?

1 Corinthians 11:23-26: The Re-Explanation

4. Pastor Nate went through 6 critical elements from Paul’s re-explanation in these verses…which are verses we use regularly at MBC for during Communion. What element of this text do you really appreciate as you read & studied it more closely? How do we keep from getting numb to the truth of this Scripture that is heard regularly?

5. Pastor Nate spoke on how remembering is really a pursuit of recapturing…recapturing the person & work of Christ as much as possible. How does the taking of Communion help us recapture the power of the person & work of Christ?

6. We also heard that as we take the Lord’s Supper seriously, our minds & hearts recalibrate. What seems to draw our mind’s attention or our heart’s affection away from the person & work of Christ?

1 Corinthians 11:27-34: The Strong Exhortation

7. From v. 27, we unpacked the phrase, “unworthy manner”. So take time to walk through the 5 examples given…what are ways people can take Communion lightly? Without thought? With bitterness/hatred toward another believer? With unconfessed/unrepentant sin? With an unbiblical view of Communion?

8. We also see from v. 27-30 the seriousness of this act of worship. Pastor Nate said, “The severity of God’s discipline reveals the seriousness of God’s Table.” How can we seek to take every act of worship in a serious, Biblical manner?

9. We ended by taking Communion at the end of the service, was there any difference in the way you took Communion in light of the truths & warnings from this passage?