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November 12, 2023

Ephesians 4:28-30

  1. We gather from our text that the believers in Ephesus were formerly thieves and used corrupt communication when talking with others and about others. What is a sinful quality that characterized you before you came to saving faith in Jesus Christ?
  2. There is a thin line between an excellent work ethic and overworking. What steps have you taken or should you take to advance the former and avoid the later?
  3. What are some reasons that prevent us from being financially generous towards others?
  4. Why is often easier to utter harmful words that curse others rather than beneficial words that bless others?
  5. Can you give an example of painful words spoken that were spoken to you that proved to be beneficial for you?
  6. Describe a time that you said something which was beneficial but poorly timed.
  7. How has the Holy Spirit demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate, that He loves you?
  8. The Holy Spirit is unifying us and our words can contribute to that work or damage that work. In light of that, how are your words contributing to the Spirit’s work of unifying MBC?
  9. The Love of God compels the people of God to love one another! Therefore, how are you doing with consuming and being consumed by God’s love for you?
  10. Pray that MBC would be characterized by a tremendous work ethic for the purpose of being generous towards one another and pray that MBC would be characterized by beneficial speech for the purpose of blessing one other to the glory of God!