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May 17, 2020

Matthew 5:38-42

1. In Matthew 5:38, we see that Jesus addresses the law of retaliation that's found 3 times in the Old Testament. Pastor Nate explained that this law was to guide the courts of Israel, not justify personal vengeance. How is this a good example of how important it is to have an understanding before making the application of a Biblical text?

2. Beginning in Matthew 5:39, Jesus gives a radical call to His followers in how they are to treat others. This is confirmed in Paul's words in Romans 12:17-21. How would a commitment to follow this call in Matthew 5 & the exhortation in Romans 12 make followers of Christ distinctive in the world?

3. Pastor Nate said that personal revenge is wicked as it hinders the advancement of the gospel. Later in the message, he said, "Revenge stymies the opportunity to have gospel conversations..." Why is personal revenge/retaliation counter to the gospel?

4. Then in Matthew 5:39-42, we went through 4 illustrations that unpacked Jesus' commands on how to treat others. Go through each of the illustrations & talk about how they reflect the truth of how God has treated His followers. 

5. What happens when followers of Jesus Christ take the call of Jesus from these verses seriously & demonstrate endurance, grace, kindness, & compassion?

6. We heard a question posed throughout the message, "What are you about? Retaliation for yourself or the salvation of others?" Based on your actions & words, how would others answer that question about you? What are the ways your actions & words can reflect the priority of gospel advancement regularly?