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February 3, 2019

1. We started by quickly reviewing a few keys points from the Habits for Holiness series as a whole.

-These habits aren’t common or natural to us.

-These habits aren’t a step by step guide to living a “better” life

-These habits shouldn’t lead to pride, but humility.

-These habits are built and formed by the news of the gospel.

Which of these points stands out to you as being important to remember as you consider these habits for holiness?

2. When we talked about the habits being established and shaped by the news of the gospel, a lot of Biblical passages were alluded to including Leviticus 11, Ephesians 2, Romans 3, Titus 3, 1 Corinthians 15, Acts 16, & Matthew 28. What passage(s) help you unpack the truth of the gospel?

3. Next we talked stirring up one another to love & good works from Hebrews 10:24. What are ways we can motivate one another towards this end?

4. We also see from Hebrews 10 that the church was facing persecution. How does persecution/difficulty make the commitment to gather & enjoy genuine love & unity  as a church that much more vital?

5. What keeps us from stirring up one another to love & good works?

6. Then we talked about the habit of neglecting to meet together & saw that the wording for “neglecting” is strong wording. How do people try to make not meeting together seem as if it is no big deal?

7. What are the ways you see yourself/your family making life & ministry in the church a priority right now & in the future?

8. Then we talked about Hebrews 10:25 & the encouraging of one another that happens as a church. We went through a variety of ways that what we do as a church is encouraging, from praying together to singing together to reading Scripture together to meeting together in homes & much more…what has brought you the greatest amount of encouragement by being a part of a local church?

9. We also saw that by encouraging one another & meeting together we are following the commands of Jesus (John 13:34-35), the prayer of Jesus (John 17:20-23), & the aim of the church (Ephesians 3:10-11). What makes it so hard for us to recognize the importance & significance of meeting as God’s people & encouraging one another?

10. We ended by hearing that the habit of meeting with God’s people is BIBLICAL, FORMATIVE, & GLORIFYING TO GOD. How have you seen these qualities be true as you practice this habit?