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March 10, 2024

Ephesians 5:15-17

We need to watch out for false teachers. What false teachings do you see in today’s culture? How do we fight against them?

We need to watch out for people and things that will try to lure us back to our old life. What are things in your life that try to lure you back and how have you defended against them?

AIM: Please Christ 

PRIORITY: Grow in knowledge and understanding of Christ 

RESPONSIBILITY: Live skillfully in light of our knowledge of Christ 

What are ways you try to accomplish these three things in your life?

People who live wisely do not waste the time that God has given them. What are ways that you waste your time? What is a good thing that you can be doing instead? 

As we look forward to the return of Christ how can we live alertly, wisely, and bravely in the present evil time? 

Nate encouraged the church by telling us that in the last 10 years the people of mbc have flourished!

What are ways that you have made the best use of the time exalting Christ? What are ways you would like to grow in this? How has your love for Christ increased in the last 1, 5, and/or 10 years?