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April 4, 2021

Luke 24:1-12

1. What has Easter Sunday meant to you through the years? Has the impact of Easter Sunday changed over time for you?

2. Pastor Nate talked about the open & empty tomb being a shock to the women as they arrived early in the morning. How do we keep from growing numb to the reality of what took place on Resurrection Sunday? How do we maintain a sense of wonder & amazement at the resurrection of Jesus?

3. In Luke 24:4-5, the heavenly messengers were seen & their appearance brought about a sense of fear. If the angels' appearance brought about this response, what does that suggest about the glory & splendor of God?

4. Then in Luke 24:5-7, we get the word of rebuke, revelation, & reminder from the angels concerning Jesus. What gives you confidence that Jesus truly rose from the dead?

5. Pastor Nate mentioned that the women & disciples struggled with truth amnesia, they had heard & forgotten the words of Jesus. So how do we keep the truth of the gospel message foremost in our own minds & hearts in order to not fall into truth amnesia ourselves?

6. One of the amazing portions of the passage is Luke 24:8...they believe! In light of this passage & Romans 10:17...we know that the good news of Jesus must be heard. So how comfortable are you to speak the truth of the gospel with others? What would help you become more willing to speak the gospel to others?

7. We ended by noting that Peter witnesses the open & empty tomb...but is still not sure what to make of it. And the questions that were posed are: do you believe? Is Jesus the truth or is Jesus a liar? 

How do you answer these questions yourself & how can you have conversations with others around you that lead to these questions?