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August 20, 2023

Re-read today’s passage (Eph. 4:4) before moving on to the questions below. 

  1. Why is humanity, desperate for “hope?”
  2. What is “hope?” How does the world define “hope?” 
  3. What does Psalm 33:18; Psalm 119:43, 49, 74; Psalm 131; Romans 5:2-5; and Ephesians 4:4 have to say about “hope?”
  4. So then, how do the Scriptures define “hope?” 
  5. Do unbelievers have “hope?” Can someone have or find “hope” outside of Christ? How and why is “worldly hope” useless and false?
  6. How then do those described in Eph. 2:1-3, find and receive true “hope?”
  7. What kind of “hope” do believers, children of God, disciples of Christ, have?
  8. Who is the source of the believer's “hope?” Who sustains it? Where can believers go, what can they do, to practically be reminded and assured of their “hope?”
  9. Does having “hope” in Christ mean that believers are devoid of pain, suffering, hardship, and sorrow?
  10. How does the suffering of Christ, the death of Christ, the resurrection of Christ, and the ascension of Christ provide sufficient, perfect, living, and ever-lasting “hope?”
  11. What can you do now to grow in your knowledge of the “hope” you have in Christ? How can you share that “hope” with others? And how can you give God praise for the “hope” He has given you by grace through faith in Christ?