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January 9, 2022

Matthew 21:23-27

1) So far in 2022, how has Bible reading been? 

a) Have you been consistent in reading?

b) Are you discouraged?

c) What is the goal moving forward?


2) What proves that Jesus has authority?

a) Where does Jesus' authority come from?

b) What passages did Pastor Nate cite for Jesus' authority?


3) What were the Pharisees trying to do by asking Him where His authority came from?

a) Where did the Pharisees think Jesus got His authority from?


4) Why did Jesus ask the Pharisees about John the Baptist?

a) What is the connection between John the Baptist and Jesus, and why is it so important?


5) What does it mean, and what does it look like to submit to Jesus' authority?

a) Are we humble enough before God?

b) What are clear and concrete ways that we can further humble ourselves?