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February 4, 2024

Ephesians 5:4 

  1. Continual expressions of gratitude to God with our lips encourage fellow followers of Christ. Share an example of you being built up in the faith by another believer’s gratitude to God.
  2. Many falsely believe that speech modification by the power of man and not heart transformation by the power of God is the key to improving the quality of one’s speech. How is this demonstrated in our society?
  3. What has a tendency to prevent you from continually expressing gratitude to God in your speech? What are some reasons that we, as followers of Christ, forsake thanksgiving and run to complaining?
  4. It was mentioned that bad company corrupts good character. How have you witnessed that in your words? 
  5. Who is someone wise in their words at MBC that we should spend more time with in order to help us grow wiser in our speech?
  6. We continually express gratitude to God with our lips as a demonstration of our love for Him. What do you love about God that swells you up with gratitude to Him?
  7. To help us grow wiser in our words – we can ask God to make us wiser in our words, we can spend time around those who are wiser in their words, and we can saturate our hearts and minds with the wise words of Scripture; what are some other ways that we can grow wiser in our speech?
  8. How has your speech been sanctified by the Holy Spirit over the past year?
  9. Why is it critical that followers of Christ practice and promote speech that is filled with gratitude and wisdom?