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May 5, 2019

Romans 10:13-17

1. We started by going to Romans 10:13 & considering the power of the gospel in light of this verse. We were asked: do we believe the gospel is powerful to save? So if we believe the gospel is powerful enough to save sinners, how could this belief affect us individually & as a church?

2. We then looked at Romans 10:14-15. From the text we can work backwards & come to see that the plan of God is: send—speak—hear—believe—call—be saved. Why is it important that Christians have conviction that this is the plan of God for the process of salvation?

3. Next we went through 3 implications from the text & the first was the importance of evangelism. It was said that saving faith is in light of the gospel message being heard, that faith comes by hearing. What happens when we become convinced that hearing the message is essential to believing the message? 

4. The second implication was that evangelism is personal…it involves all Christians. What are ways we, as community groups, can encourage each other to be personally involved in sharing the gospel?

5. The final implication was that the content of evangelism concerns Christ, that we are to be bold biblical when sharing the gospel. We were then asked several questions about our preparedness: what passages would we use to share the gospel? What are key truths of the gospel that have to be delivered? How clear would we be in a gospel conversation? So take time as a community group to work through these questions in order to help one another be well prepared.

6. In the message, we were encouraged to walk through Ephesians 2:1-10 & see gospel themes throughout this passage…so if you didn’t walk through this specific passage in question 5…take time to do so now & discuss how these gospel themes are seen in this passage.

7. We ended with a word of exhortation that we are to be active & engaged int he work of ministry to see the gospel spread…what are ways you want to be active & engaged in this endeavor for the glory of God?