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February 9, 2020

Matthew 4:1-11

1. This Sunday we took time to address a topic that is in this specific text, but rarely the focus of a sermon…what does the Bible say about the devil? One of the reasons Pastor Nate gave for us to study this topic was that often our view of the devil is unbiblical. What are the consequences of having an unbiblical view of the devil?

2. When talking about Satan, it was said that Satan is an angel, created by God, who sinned & rebelled against God in a vain effort to replace God as the ruler of the universe. It was also said that Satan is extremely arrogant based on Isaiah 14:12-14. How do arrogance & rebellion relate when it comes to the devil & “children of the devil”?

3. Then we went through several of the names given in the Bible for the devil & landed on the activity of the devil being seen as evil. READ 2 CORINTHIANS 4:4, 1 PETER 5:6-8. How do these passages serve to warn us of the seriousness of our enemy?

4. Next, we moved into the tactics of the enemy & many were given, including false teachers, doubt, fear, worry, guilt, greed, pride, & isolation. Which of these tactics do you face so often? What assist you in combating these tactics? READ EPHESIANS 6:10-18.

5. We did talk specifically about the tactic of isolation & in light of Hebrews 10:24-25…the way to address this matter by involving yourself in the life & ministries of the local church. What are ministries that you enjoy & want to continue to be involved with at MBC or what are ministries you’d like to consider being invested in moving forward?

6. We ended with a word of encouragement that Satan is a defeated foe & that defeat has been accomplished through the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. How does having a conviction that the victory is accomplished in Jesus motivate you to set your mind’s attention & heart’s affection on God & His glory?