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June 28, 2020

Matthew 6:19-24


1)We have been in the Sermon on the Mount for a while now.

A) What has been most beneficial to you so far?

B) What has been most challenging to you so far?


2) Matthew 6:19-21 Jesus instructs us to lay up treasures in heaven rather than on earth.

A) Why are treasures in heaven better than those on earth?

B) Why do we still have the desire to store up earthly treasures when we know heavenly ones are better?

C) What treasures here on earth pull for your personal attention?

D) Is there something we can do to desire heavenly rewards more and the world less?

E) How can we store up heavenly treasure? 

*Here are the five ways Pastor Nate included.

  • 1) persecution for His sake Matthew 5:10-12
  • 2) Loving your enemies Matt 5:46
  • 3) Giving generously and properly to the poor Matt 6:3-4
  • 4) Praying sincerely and proper Matt 6:6
  • 5) Fasting humbly and proper Matt 6:17-18


3) Matthew 6:22-23 Jesus is concerned with what have set our eyes upon. 

A) What is the difference between being filled with light and being filled with darkness?

B) What do you do in your life to set your eyes on Jesus?


4) Matthew 6:24 We cannot serve two masters. We must give our full allegiance to one.

A) What did you think when Pastor Nate said that everyone was made to have a master, and that we were created by God to have someone/something dictate how we live?

B) Who or what is your master? What things are trying to enslave you?

C) Why is it comforting to have God as our master?

D) How do we avoid being mastered by other things?