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September 29, 2019

3 John

1. The message began by talking about reputation as 3 individuals have a reputation in 3 John. The question that was posed throughout the message was this: “Does my reputation bring attention & glory to God?” What are ways we can be known for bringing attention & glory to God…as individuals, as families, as a church?

2. We then looked in 3 John 1-8 at the reputation of Gaius. First, we saw that he was spiritually healthy. What changes when we truly believe that healthy theology leads to a healthy, vibrant spiritual life?

3. Next, we saw that Gaius was continually obedient to the Word of God in 3 John 3-4. What is the difference between EFFORT ALONE being the motivation for obedience & LOVE OF GOD serving as the motivation for obedience?

4. Finally, we saw that Gaius was a faithful servant who showed hospitality & was financially generous for the sake of spreading the gospel. How does where we spend our time, energy, & money reveal our true treasure? What are ways you want to grow in hospitality & generosity for the sake of the gospel moving forward?

5. The next person seen in 3 John is Diotrephes: we saw in 3 John 9-10 that he was prideful, rebellious, & vicious. How does having an elevated view of self reveal itself in each of these characteristics mentioned on Sunday about Diotrephes? How does the gospel correct our view of self…either in having an elevated view of self or in having a defeated view of self?

6. One of the major applications from Sunday when seeing how Diotrephes related to John was the call to pray for church leaders. Take time to pray for the leaders of MBC…they need it! Pray for them to lead Biblically, wisely, lovingly, truthfully…pray for their families & that the good news of the gospel would inform the way they care for their families. 

7. Finally, we covered Demetrius & talked about the fact that both his reputation among the followers of Christ as well as his own obedience testified to his love of the Lord. Who are people that you look at as examples worth following at MBC or in your life in light of their love, obedience, spiritual discipline, habits, priorities, relationships?

8. We ended with seeing how the gospel relates to reputation & the hope in light of this connection. First, it was said that a marred reputation can be restored through the transforming work of God. Second, it was said that a godly reputation is not the root of our salvation, but instead the fruit of our salvation. How is each of these statements concerning reputation & the gospel encouraging for us?