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Luke 1:34-38

FAMILY CHAT: Pastor Nate shared about seating on Sunday mornings at MBC. There is a need for a more concerted effort to make space available in the main worship center for guests & so we are asking MBCers to consider committing 1 Sunday a month to sitting in the Overflow Room (Fellowship Hall). We encourage you to pick a regular Sunday each month (Weeks 1-4) & sit in the Overflow Room as a Community Group. This would be extremely helpful as we move into 2019…but you are welcome to start the last 2 weeks of December 2018!


A: We started by looking at v. 34 & a few observations from Mary’s question. One of the observations was that Mary question revealed BELIEF rather than DOUBT. What are ways we can demonstrate belief in God in our day to day lives? What are ways we can demonstrate belief in God in the big, life-changing moments of life?

B: We also heard that Mary’s question revealed her desire to learn the truth. What are ways we prove to have this same quality today: desiring to learn the truth?

C: We then moved to v. 35 & unpacked Gabriel’s response. We first looked at the Trinitarian aspect of this verse & it was said that we won’t understand Christmas if we don’t understand the Trinity… why is this the case?

D: We then saw the importance in v. 35 & the fact that the Virgin Birth is a divine act. Pastor Nate then explained what results when a person forfeits the virgin birth. Did you understand that the trustworthiness, strength, & authority of God were at stake with the virgin birth?

E: Pastor Nate then spoke about Hypostatic Union: that Jesus was both 100% divine & 100% human. What happens when you neglect Jesus’ divinity or humanity?

F: From v. 36-37, we see that confidence for all of this to take place is given with the announcement of Elizabeth’s pregnancy. What has helped you to have confidence in the supremacy & authority of God?

G: We ended by looking at v. 38 & Mary’s response. She responds to the greatness of God in humility, trust, & obedience. How can we, by God’s grace, increase in these same attributes before God?