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March 31, 2024

Matthew 28:1 – 10

1. Read Matthew 28:1 – 10. What stands out to you from those verses of Scripture?

2. Why, according to the Scriptures, does the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on the 3rd day after His death on the cross matter?

3. How can we be sure that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the tomb of Christ on the 1st Resurrection Sunday completely convinced that Jesus was dead?

4. What two pieces of evidence did the angel give Mary Magdalene and the other Mary for Christ’s resurrection?

5. In light of Jesus’ own words about His resurrection from the dead a twofold question was asked: Is Jesus a fraud or is He the Lord, Is Jesus a liar or is He the Savior? When did you come to realize that Jesus is the Lord and Savior who rose from the dead as He said He would?

6. How can we be certain that the Wrong Tomb Theory is wrong?

7. Mary and Mary’s received an incredible reward for obeying God’s instructions; they were the first to see Christ after His resurrection from the dead.

8. How have you been rewarded/blessed for obeying God’s Word?

9. When Mary and Mary saw Christ, they worshipped him. Why is Christ worthy of worship?

10. What is one particular way that you enjoy worshipping Christ?

11. Christ called His disciples “my brothers.”  Why is that remarkable?