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December 26, 2021

Matthew 21:1-11

1) Have you grabbed a 2022 Bible Reading Plan?

a) If not, what is your plan for reading the Scriptures this new year?

b) Is it unreasonable to read the Bible in one year?


2) What do the donkey and the colt reveal about Jesus' knowledge?

a) Why is pointing out Jesus' knowledge an important point?


3) What does the owner of the donkey and colt teach us about giving?


4) When Old Testament prophecies/allusions come up in the New Testament, are we familiar and skilled enough with the OT to be able to recognize the importance?

a) Why is the OT often neglected?


5) Why would a king ride either a donkey or a horse?

a) What is revealed to Jerusalem and us by the fact that Jesus rode a donkey and not a horse?


6) According to Pastor Nate, which verse is the most challenging in this passage? (If you can't remember, it is V6.)

a) Why is it the most challenging?


7) What is signified by the people in their shouting of Hosanna and their laying down of branches and garments?

a) What OT passages are similar or are referenced indirectly?