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March 24, 2019

Ruth 3:1-13

1. From the very outset of this chapter, we notice Naomi’s disposition…she has gone from bitter & selfish in Ch. 1 to selflessly concerned with Ruth’s needs at the start of Ch. 3…how does selfishness lead to bitterness? What are ways we could be more selfless in our care for those in our life?

2. In Ruth 3:3-4, we see Naomi’s plan laid out & what is striking is the confidence of Naomi in the Redeemer, Boaz, through this plan. How does a confidence in true & ultimate redemption manifest itself in our lives?

3. Then in Ruth 3:5-6, Ruth shows her faithfulness & trustworthiness. It was said by Pastor Nate that she was imitating the faithfulness of God & we were challenged to consider our own faithfulness, trustworthiness, & of being imitators of God…where do you see yourself actively being faithful, trustworthy, & imitating God? What areas of your life do you desire to see growth in these qualities?

4. In Ruth 3:7-9, the plan of Naomi unfolds as expected…but at the end of v. 9 Ruth challenges Boaz to fulfill his responsibility & marry her…a WOW moment. What’s the dynamic between being obedient & being bold? How do they complement one another?

5. We were reminded of Ruth 2:12 & Boaz’s prayer…and how in Ruth 3:9, Ruth is now calling on Boaz to be the answer to that prayer. How does this news of Ruth 2:12 & Ruth 3:9 inform the way we approach prayer & how we see prayers being answered?

6. Then in Ruth 3:10, Boaz responds that he’s amazed by the hesed of Ruth…that she has chosen him! We then talked about the hesed of God & were asked this question…take time to discuss it: how different would our attitudes, actions, & thoughts be if we actually saturated our minds with the truth of God’s hesed towards us?

7. Then in Ruth 3:11, Boaz moves from the master to the servant in the work of redemption…which points clearly to the person & work of Jesus Christ. What resources do you have available to you that help you make these connections within Scripture? Are you using these resources regularly?

8. We saw that in Ruth 3:12-13 that Boaz points out the problem of a closer Redeemer, the plan of doing things the right way, & the promise to care for Ruth. This was all connected back to Ruth 1:8-9 & we ended by hearing of how much greater the work of God is than what Naomi could’ve expected in Ruth 1…so how can we be more vigorous & confident in our prayers to God in light of this news?