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August 25, 2019

1 John 4:12-19

1. We began with a quick recap of the context of John’s writing: false teachers have caused doubt of salvation to arise among the church. Pastor Nate said this is a problem as it impedes their sanctification & curbs their declaration of the gospel. Do we see false teachers in our own time as being this troubling? How do we address false teaching in a way that honors God?

2. We then moved into a series of encouraging exams beginning in 1 John 4:12 & our love for the people of God. We were challenged to examine our love of one another at MBC. What are ways we can show agape love towards one another within our community groups? What are ways we can show agape love towards new people at MBC?

3. We then moved into 1 John 4:13 & the encouragement of belief in light of the Spirit of God living within us. Pastor Nate addressed the false teaching of the Holy Spirit being evident only if you speak in tongues by reading from 1 Corinthians 12:27-31 & then said that the proof of the Spirit of God dwelling is regeneration based on 1 John 4:14. How does regeneration, a movement from being dead in sin to alive in Christ, confirm the Holy Spirit living within us?

4. Next was the third exam in 1 John 4:15 of what you believe concerning Christ informing the way you live. It was said that what we believe about Jesus is central to salvation…so what is necessary to share about Jesus when delivering the gospel news to others?

5. In John 4:16, we see both a summary of what’s been said as well as an exam of loving each other as God loves us. This verse highlights that every evidence of belief is the work of God & we saw this concept affirmed in Matthew 16:13-17. Why is it important to affirm that belief is fully the work of God & utterly to the praise of God?

6. Then we looked at 1 John 4:`17 & the result of salvation…sanctification. Ultimately we see that we will be clothed in Christ’s righteousness in the second half of this verse. How is this news encouraging & even motivating for the Christian?

7. In 1 John 4:18, Pastor Nate took time to share on God’s judgement as the text says that those in Christ will have confidence in this moment. Why do so many people in the world get uncomfortable when talking about God’s judgement?

8. Finally in 1 John 4:19, we see that we are to love because of God’s love for us. In light of this, we were implored to permeate ourselves with the gospel, praise God for the gospel, proclaim the gospel, & pray that the Holy Spirit would open eyes to the gospel. So unpack ways that you, as individuals or as a group, can do each of these.