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October 30, 2022

Habakkuk 1:12-2:1

1. Share with your group what you are learning from your daily Bible reading…

2. Habakkuk, in the time of Judah’s judgment, clung to God’s attributes of Eternality and Holiness.  What attribute(s) of God do you find yourself clinging to the most and why?

3. Habakkuk asked God “How long” and “Why”--What may have caused you in the past to ask the “How long” and “Why” questions and how did you see God answer?

4. The Chaldeans worshiped their “own might” as their god; they sacrificed to their “nets” and made offerings to their “dragnets”; what might you be worshiping, making sacrifices and offerings to, apart from God, more than you may realize? (See Isaiah 55:2a)

5. Pastor Laurie mentioned that when the Psalmist tried to understand the “prosperity of the wicked” (Psalm 73:16) that it wasn’t “...until [he] went into the sanctuary of God” that he could discern what was happening.   How much does attending church help you understand more of what is happening in our world today?

6. Habakkuk took his “stand” on a “tower,” metaphorically speaking, to wait for God’s answer to his complaint.  Pastor Laurie mentioned the church as being a “tower” to use to wait on God.  Where do you find yourself taking your “stand”?  What is your “tower” you may be using to wait on God?