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April 14, 2019

John 19:12-22

1. Pastor Nate began the sermon with a warning: do not become desensitized to the physical suffering of Christ on the cross as it is the window into Christ’s greater agony…suffering in our place for our sin. Why is it so dangerous to grow numb to the cross & its implications? What helps us remain sensitive to the work of the cross?

2. Throughout the message, we saw over & over again that details took place that were spoken in the Old Testament, specifically in Isaiah. (Isa. 52:14; Isa. 53:3-7, 12) How do these details point to God’s control, His sovereignty? How does believing that the events & details of the cross happen within the sovereign rule of God bring confidence to the Christian?

3. Looking at John 19:16-17, we see that Jesus has a long, lonely, & arduous road to the cross. This moment would have been difficult as no one came to his defense & the worst was still to come…read Isaiah 53:7. How does the humility of Jesus show the glory of Jesus? 

4. From John 19:17, one of the major points from Sunday is that Jesus’ going out from the city points to his role as the final sin offering. Look at Numbers 13:35-36; Exodus 29:14; Leviticus 4:12…finally read Hebrews 13:11-12. How does reading all these passages help us have a fuller, more clear view of what Christ accomplishes?

5. In John 19:18, John concisely says, “they crucified him”, as the audience would’ve known the details already. But it is noted that Jesus is placed in the middle during the crucifixion…the place of the greatest criminal. Looking at Isaiah 53:12 we see that Christ died with sinners & that Christ died for sinners. How can this passage from Isaiah help explain the work of Christ to those who need to hear the gospel? 

6. We ended with 2 questions: “Does Christ love us?” & “Do we love Christ?”. Pastor Nate shared Isaiah 53:3-5 as verses that help explain why Christ loves us…what passage(s) would you use to explain the love of Christ?

7. Finally, in answering the question of, “Do we love Christ?”, Pastor Nate alluded to Luke 9:23. What are the characteristics of one who loves Christ?