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September 19, 2021

Pastor Nate Wright

Matthew 17:22-27


1.  What do you recall about the 3 similarities and the 3 differences between Jesus' unambiguous announcements concerning his future suffering, death and resurrection in this passage and Matthew 16:21-23?

2.  What can we note about the disciples' response to the second announcement in verse 23 of Matthew 17?  Why is this important?

3.  Why would the collectors of the temple tax assume Jesus paid the temple tax? (v.24)

4.  How do we see Jesus Christ display supernatural knowledge in v.24-27?

5.  Consider Matthew 17:26. Pastor Nate commented: "The depth and power of Jesus' words in 'Then the sons are free.' is extraordinary." What impact did it have for Peter? (Check Matthew 16:21-23 again) What impact does it have for you? 

6.  Roadblocks, barriers and obstacles:

What barriers are those of us who are "free", putting up to the world?  Where have you set up a parameter or rule that roadblocks others?  Is there someone that you could invite to church or Bible study but you're concerned they don't fit in?

How about hypocrisy? When we engage in things like drunkenness, lying, slander, gossip, greed or selfishness, believers are hypocritical.  In what manner have you acted hypocritically lately?

7. Who needs to hear this miracle, (one of the "oddest miracles" of Jesus Christ), so that they might know Jesus as "not merely a man", but as "the God man who has taken on flesh to save sinners"?