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April 24, 2022

Luke 24:50-53

Pastor Matt Cobb


Do you delight in Jesus?

Do you wash in no other fountain?

Christ is ascended; He is ascended, indeed!


1.  Read together Luke 24:50-53.  "In the plan of God, the exaltaion of Jesus is right and good.  There is no conclusion of the resurrection without the ascension."  What thought, previous to today, have you given to the ascension of Christ?

2.  Luke 24:50:  Jesus was intentional and repititive in his care for the disciples regarding the teaching regarding the resurrection and the ascension.  Consider these passages: Luke 24:50, Matthew 28:18, Matthew 28:20, Acts 1:8;  How does the ascension build the disciples' confidence regarding these words?  How does the truth of the ascension cause them to move forward in faith and stake their lives on these words locally, regionally and globally?

3.  Luke 24:51:  What do you remember to be the goal of Luke's writing? (See Luke 1:1-4).

4.  Pastor Matt provided 4 points of confidence that the ascension provides:

  • Jesus' ascension is a visible event.  Acts 1:9-11.
  • Jesus' ascension is a historical event.  1 Timothy 3:16 and Ephesians 4:10.         The Bible affirms that the ascension really took place.
  • Jesus' ascension is a right and good event.  John 16:7-11 and John 16:28.               The New Testament embraced the historical truth of the ascension.  
  • Jesus rules and reigns as King.  Psalm 110.   David states that Yahweh has determined there's one greater than David, sitting at God's right hand, and He is so great that every enemy is ultimately crushed.  His enemies are made into footstools. He will "execute judgement among the nations."

How do these points inspire your confidence in Christ and in your faith?  How can your faith be encouraged by embracing the historical truth of the ascension?  Do you long for this greater King to come? Who in your life needs to hear the truth of the historical, for-sure fact regarding the ascension?  We are to remember the birth, life, death and resurrection but let's not forget the ascension of Jesus Christ.

5.  Luke 24:52-53:  Luke's Gospel account ends where the story begins: back at the temple.  "This time, instead of seeing a man caught off guard to God's unfolding plan, we see a people excited about God's unfolding plan."   What's your response to Jesus?  Who needs to see you evidence your faith, excited about God's unfolding plan?

6.  Is your worship of God marked by joy?  How is your worship of Jesus an encouragement to others?   For which situation this week would it help you to remember that a Christian is not a defeated person?  Where are you acting like a defeated person?  Are you marked by passion and zeal for your personal faith, your marriage, your parenting, your extended family, your work place?   "True joy is rooted and realized in Jesus Christ alone."

7.  Consider ending your time together listening to, reading or singing: "Crown Him With Many Crowns."