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Romans 12:9-13

1. We started in v. 9 by talking about Christian love as sincere & filled with truth.

A: The words, “Let love be genuine.” are simple & direct, yet a sincere love is often hard to find. What are ways you’ve seen hypocritical love on display?

B: A few examples were given on ways to demonstrate sincere love: including hand-written letters, phone calls, use of time. What are ways you can show sincere, genuine love to others?

C: Look now at v. 9b, “Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” We talked about the importance of conviction for what’s good & what’s evil. How does the Bible give us a foundation for conviction over good & evil in our world?

D: It was said that the gospel is the greatest good & the truest truth that we can encounter, that we never move past the gospel. So how do/can you regularly unpack the truth of the gospel to your own soul?

2. Next we moved into v. 10 & the committed & selfless aspects of Christian love.

A: To love with brotherly love is to recognize a bond that binds no matter what, like that of a family. How can we generate a sense of rugged commitment to one another at MBC?

B: Selfless love is in light of Philippians 2:3-8 & the selflessness of Jesus. Why is it important to see that selflessness in love isn’t rooted in us, but rather in Christ?

C: What are ways you can show commitment & selflessness to fellow Christians in the way you care for them?

3. Then we discussed v. 11-12 & how Christian love is an expressive love in all times of life.

A: We talked about the importance of zeal & fervency being under the lordship of Jesus Christ. What does it mean to do something under the lordship of Jesus? How do we know if we’re acting in light of God’s rule & for God’s glory or not?

B: It was said that it is beautiful to see the people of God caring for one another by having a passion for others set ablaze by a passion for God’s glory. What are ways people can connect these passions, a passion for others with a passion for God’s glory?

C: We then talked about v. 12 & the words for expressing love in difficulty. We are to rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, & be constant in prayer. Which of these is most challenging for you as you navigate challenging times? How can we be obedient to Romans 12:12 as a church body & rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, & be constant in prayer?

4. We ended with v. 13 & the ways that Christian love is an active love.

A: Paul speaks of contributing to the needs of the saints. What makes following this call to contribute so challenging?

B: How does contributing to the needs of the saints bring glory to God?

C: The second half of v. 13 talks about seeking to show hospitality. It was said that this is challenging as many see the home as “their place”. How does seeing the home as a place for the ministry of reconciliation inform the way you parent, grandparent, be-friend, neighbor?

D: A few practical ways to show hospitality were given: hosting a MBC community group, connecting with your neighbors on a deeper level, foster care/adoption, inviting MBCers to your home for a meal regularly. Do any of these resonate with you in particular? What are ways you want to seek to show hospitality?