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April 7, 2024

Ephesians 5:22-24

1.) What is the biblical definition of submission? What are ways that the world tries to twist and vilify the biblical view of submission?

2.) How does Jesus set an example of Biblical submission?

3.) If you want to grow in submission to your husband you must grow in your love for Christ. How can we all be growing in love for Christ? 

4.) Our culture makes authority into tyranny. How should we understand authority? How does our submission to government relate to a wife’s submission to her husband? 

5.) Husbands and futures husbands, what can you be doing day by day to become a man worthy of submitting too? 

6.) In what ways have you submitted to Christ in the context of the church by serving alongside our church body? What fruits have you seen from serving? 

7.) Wives and future wives- Who are some women in your life that model biblical submission faithfully? What characteristics do you want to model in your life? 

8.) What are some “norms” that are unique to your family that you have submitted to and found joy in?

9.) Nate listed 5 ways that the church submits to Christ which reveals how wives should submit to their husbands;

By looking to Christ for leadership 

By living to Christ’s “norms” or commands 

By enjoying Christ’s presence and love 

By receiving gifts from Christ 

By expressing gratitude to Christ 

Which of these 5 things do you struggle to do? Which ones come easy and natural to you? 

10.) Biblical submission leads to flourishing! As Jesus submitted to the Father, through his death on the cross, he was raised from the dead and ascended to the right hand of the father where he now rules and reigns! Wives, how have you flourished through submitting to your husbands? Men, how have you flourished through your wife submitting to you?