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January 16, 2022

Matthew 21:28-32

Pastor Nate Wright


Pastor Nate provided us with 4 points to apply as we studied this passage today.

  • Intercession: "We who are followers of Christ need to be crying out to God on behalf of the unsaved."
  • Distinction: "Fellow followers of Christ, you are a holy people..." Our transformed lives witness to the power of the Gospel.
  • Examination: "Far too many claim to be Christians..." Those who claim Christianity do not loathe sin or seek to kill sin.
  • Celebration: "God has the power to make clean the vilest offender."

1.  We were taught that today's narrative begins with a parable.  We learned that the definition of a parable means: "to lay alongside of" and a parable is for the purpose of comparison.

  • What was being compared in this parable?  What was one of the first comparisons made that the religious leaders would understand?
  • Who was the audience?
  • Who did the first son represent?
  • Who did the second son represent?

2.  Considering the first son, Matthew 21:29, he "changed his mind".  Pastor Nate gave us the Biblical definition for repentance: "Biblical repentance is a change of mind, including remorse or sorrow, concerning sin, that results in a change of action."  "One who has genuinely repented is no longer characterized by disobedience to God."  Look at Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:14-15 and Acts 2:28.

  • Recognizing that repentance is not a work of man: "First, salvation by the grace of God, then works, for the glory of God.", how is your life radically different than those around you?  How is your life...your prayer time, your commitment to Christ and His Word, your decisions and actions this week, radically different from those that do not know Christ?  What impact did your daily Bible reading or study have on your life this week?

3.  Considering the second son, what is disconcerting about his answer? How would you characterize his heart?

4.  Pastor Nate remarked that Jesus asked an "easy question".  Who obeyed their Dad?  Who condemned themselves by their answer?  

5.  In verse 32, Jesus refers to John the Baptist.  "The worst of the worst, by the grace of God, repented of sin and believed in the Gospel proclaimed by John the Baptist as evidenced by their radically changed lives."

  • Who are you interceding for?  Have your group pray for each person that needs Christ's transforming Gospel.
  • What Gospel conversation did you have last week, last month? Pray with your group to ask God to provide an opening for a Gospel conversation this month.  Invite someone to have a Gospel conversation this month.
  • How is your life distinct?  How are you marked by obedience, Godliness?
  • Spend time this week examining yourself with God.  Do you loathe sin or do you seek to enjoy it?  
  • Sing together as a group or listen to: "To God Be the Glory"! Celebrate that "God has the power to make clean the vilest offender!"