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September 17, 2023

Ephesians 4:12-13

  1. From last week, what are the 5 specific gifts given to certain individuals within the church?
  2. From verse 12, Pastor Nate taught us that gifted individuals have the responsibility and the privilege of equipping saints.  What does it mean to “equip” the saints?  What illustration was used to define that concept?
  3. The saints are to be prepared for a particular purpose (v 12)—“for the work of ministry”.  What does it mean to do the work of ministry?  You can look at 1 Cor. 15:58 for help.
  4. How are you exercising the gifts Christ has graciously given to you? If this has been a difficult season for you, how can you “get back in the game”?
  5. How does it encourage you to hear the truth: that the body of Christ is in increasing in number; that it is increasing in stature and strength all around the world?
  6. Considering verse 13, are you in God’s Word every day?
  7. What are the two truths that every believer is called to properly understand and wholeheartedly believe?  What do we need to “pick up” in our discipleship of non-Christians?
  8. No one of us is to pursue Christlikeness in isolation: in what struggle with sin are you too embarrassed to ask for help?  Pray, confess and join a community group or ask a fellow Christian to mentor you in this area.