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May 15, 2022

Matthew 24:29-35

1) Pastor Nate cited many Scriptures during the sermon.

a) Why is it important to know the Bible as a whole unit rather than just knowing parts?

b) How well equipped do you feel concerning your ability to cite many different Scriptures?

c) What is your method for memorizing Scripture?


2) Pastor Nate acknowledged that some disagree with him, some of which he respects. 

a) What does conviction and humility look like when we disagree?

b) Do you know anyone who disagrees?


3) During this time in the Olivet Discourse, how have you been?

a) Are you encouraged to learn more theology or discouraged?

b) Are you confident in your ability to understand the Scriptures, or do you feel like the only way to understand is to have someone explain them to you?