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July 7, 2019

Community Group Questions | July 7, 2019


  • V18 Opened with a disclaimer of the Last Hour. This refers to the time between Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem and His second coming. How should our lives change as people living in “the Last Hour?”
  • There is opposition to the gospel by antichrists, or false teachers. Nate explained that there are three characteristics of false teachers.
    1. V19 They have defected from fellowship with followers of Christ
    2. V22 They distort the person of Christ
    3. V26 They are actively trying to deceive the elects
      1. What do each of these look like the in the real world? How can we spot them, and how can we combat them?
  • Nate then gave characteristics of genuine Christ followers.
    1. V20 They have the Spirit of God living in/abiding in them
    2. V21/27 They have understanding of the truth which means they comprehend and believe reality.
    3. V24 They abide (continually remain in) in God and will be faithful and persevere to the end of their lives by the grace of God.
      1. Does this change your understanding, or strengthen your understanding, of who you are in Christ?
      2. Are you confident in the truth that God will sustain His people to the end through all things? How should this bring comfort to our lives?
  • Nate also explained briefly five roles of the Spirit.
    1. The Spirit empowers obedience in God’s people
    2. The Spirit convicts God’s people of sin
    3. The Spirit illuminates the people of God and gives them proper understanding
    4. The Spirit comforts the people of God
    5. The Spirit conforms the people of God into the image of Christ
      1. Did you know this before the sermon this last Sunday?
      2. Paradoxically, do you find one of these roles particularly comforting?