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February 6, 2022

Matthew 22:1-14

1) How was prayer this week?

a) Was it burdensome or encouraging?

b) Do you need help knowing how to pray or praying consistently?


2) What is the great error of the people who were invited to the wedding feast but refused to go and killed the servants?

a) In what ways do we commit the same error?

b) What shall we do so that we respond positively to the wedding invitation?


3) Why did Pastor Nate describe apathy towards prayer and the Scriptures as "spiritual prostitution"?

a) Is that language too severe or crass?

b) Is that language used elsewhere in the Scriptures?


4) What are all the blessings and gifts given to those who accepted the wedding invitation?

a) Are our blessings and gifts the same or different?

b) What are all the blessings that we receive through repentance and trust in Jesus Christ?


5) Why was the man in the parable bound and cast into hell?

a) What does the "wedding garment" language mean to us?