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May 3, 2020

Matthew 5:31-32

1. We first talked about the value of going through a book of the Bible verse by verse. How have you benefited from taking the time to study a book of the Bible on an in-depth level?


2. We were reminded from Matthew 5:17-19 that Jesus is confronting the corrupt teaching of the day...not correcting the Law given by God. Why is that so important to keep in mind as we make our way through this portion of the Sermon on the Mount?


3. Then we saw that the interpretation of the Pharisees & scribes was based on Deuteronomy 24:1-4. It was said that this passage, "seeks to limit the consequences of a specific situation among a sinful people..." Why is it important to keep in mind the context of the Bible when we want to extract principles for today?


4. Then we talked about the intent of marriage from Matthew 19:4-8. Take time to go & read this passage. What does this passage reveal about the goal of marriage? How can we be intentional to remind ourselves of the goal of marriage?


5. Then we came back to Matthew 5:32 & the point made was that Jesus warns to not take divorce as it can lead to sin abounding. It was said, "Divorce is devastating & has the potential to ruin the lives of the people all around you." How does this verse & the potential impact of divorce cause you to take the matter of marriage & divorce all the more serious?


6. In Matthew 5:32, we see Jesus give the permissible grounds for divorce: sexual immorality. From this passage, we heard that divorce is "only permissible when blatant sexual immortality has taken place with no clear path to repentance and restoration." Why is it important for Christians to see divorce as a last resort after all other means of repentance & restoration have been exhausted?


7. We ended with 4 hopes in light of the passage:

1) That we would see adultery for the dreadful sin that is...that we would see it as dangerous & fight it.

2) That we would see the importance of marriage...that marriage is a means to glorifying God & seek to intensely & passionately bring God glory in our marriages.

3) That we would see divorce as truly tragic...that divorce is never the goal of marriage & therefore we never take divorce lightly.

4) That we would see our severe need for the rescuing, transforming grace of God realized in Jesus Christ...that there is no true love, mercy, & grace outside of Jesus...therefore we abandon our self-righteous efforts, repent of our sin, & trust on the finished work of Jesus for rescue.

Take time as a group to think through how we, as a church, can encourage one another towards each of these hopes.