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October 10, 2021

Matthew 18:15-20

1) What did you read in your Bibles this week? What stood out?


2) God is zealous about the purity of the Church. Are we committed to the holiness of our own lives and the lives of those around us? How can we be so?


3) When are we supposed to confront a brother or sister about their sin?


4) Pastor Matt mentioned three “rights” for proper confrontation with our brothers and sisters. They are Right Steps, Right Motivations, Right Convictions. Explain these three.


5) If Church discipline is hard and painful, why would a Church want to practice it?


6) Pastor Matt pointed out three misinterpretations of this text. Do you remember, and can you explain the misinterpretations? *Hint* (Binding and loosing, where three agree, when two or three are gathered)