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May 24, 2020

Matthew 5:43-48

1. In the introduction, Pastor Matt talked about the tension of being consumed being what's timely versus what's timeless. What are the ways you've tried to discipline yourself to focus on timeless truths found in God's Word?

2. We then saw in Matthew 5:43 that the Pharisees & scribes had manipulated the command by removing the phrase, "as yourself", limiting the definition of neighbor, & adding "hate your enemies." Are any of these 3 manipulations still seen in today's world?

3. In Matthew 5:44, Jesus calls for loving enemies as a neighbor & praying for those who persecute. Why is it so important to see that Jesus' call for radical, selfless love is something that He showed towards His people? 

4. From Matthew 5:45, we talked about what happens when we actually love our enemies & pray for them...we are revealed to belong to God & display the true nature of God. What are the ways you can show love towards others right now in your words, deeds, & prayers that would bring glory to God?

5. The futility of self-righteousness was clear from Matthew never satisfies & leaves you lacking. What are areas of life where you might be prone to self-righteousness? How can you combat these temptations to self-righteousness with gospel truth?

6. Finally, in Matthew 5:48, we talked about the complete, whole righteousness of heart, affections, & actions that cannot come from self-effort. Why is it so necessary for Christians to remember that this righteousness is only found in the person & work of Jesus Christ?

7. We ended with this statement, "You'll only show grace & love towards others when you've experienced true grace & love from God." So who is it that you need to show grace & love towards this week in helpful, tangible ways?