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Romans 12:1-2

1. In this chapter, we began by unpacking the appeal of v. 1.

A: Paul begins with an exhortation that’s to be taken & obeyed. From childhood on, many struggle to listen & obey…why is that the case?

B: This exhortation is “by the mercies of God”, in light of the doctrines discussed in Romans 1-11. Do you see doctrine as a mercy of God?

C: The exhortation is to surrender everything about us to God. How does claiming that Jesus is Lord relate to the idea of surrendering to God?

D: Three adjectives are used to describe the sacrifice in v. 1: living, holy, and acceptable. How are these words challenging for us in our surrendering to God: remembering that we are alive in Christ & not still dead in our sin, realizing that God is worthy of our sole surrender…not just a portion of our allegiance, & our lives must be in accordance with God’s Word?

E: The verse ends with the news that this radical surrender to God is the only rational response to the greatness of God. What helps us to understand and delight in the greatness of God?

2.Next we moved into v. 2 & the means by which all that’s said in v. 1 happens.

A: The verse begins by a call to not be conformed to the world. What are ways that you feel the pressure to conform to the patterns & thinking of the world?

B: We also see that this verse calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. This gives us a sense of both doing & thinking…we are to do both…do in accordance with the truth & think in light of the truth. What are ways that we can be a person of action in light of truth & a person that takes time to ponder the truth?

C: In light of v. 2, Pastor Nate said that, “Biblical illiteracy has led to Christian immaturity in thinking & living.” How does a person’s knowledge of the Bible inform the way they think & live? Give examples of how a person’s knowledge of the Bible can impact thinking & living.

D: We talked about the end of v. 2 & the will of God: that it is good, acceptable, and perfect. How does searching the Scriptures relate to understanding the will of God

3. We ended with a point of clear application.

A: Pastor Nate asked us to consider the following question: What is the aim of your relationship with God? So in light of this question, what does it look like to see the aim of your relationship with God as surrendering all to Him & seeing God as glorious & beautiful?