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March 17, 2019

Ruth 2:14-23

1. From Ruth 2:14-16, we see that Boaz’s hesed towards Ruth continues through the event of a meal…what are ways we can utilize everyday activities for the glory of God?

2. We also see in this section that Boaz is committed to keeping his promises from v. 8-13. It was said that commitment is transformative & powerful…why is commitment such a valued quality even today?

3. Then we talked about Ruth 2:17-19. Naomi is astounded by what she sees & hears…Boaz is the man who has shown this kindness! What are moments in your life where you’ve been amazed at the kindness of God through the acts of another?

4. From Ruth 2:20-21, we now see Naomi move from bitter towards God to praising God. It was said that, “this moment isn’t about the brilliance of Boaz in changing Naomi’s perspective, instead this moment is about God being glorious & good.” Why is it so easy to misdirect our praise?

5. We also see that Naomi understands the hesed of God towards her & her people…despite her people! We compared this to our own spiritual standing on our own from Isaiah 53:6, 64:6; Titus 1:15-16. What happens when we remember that God’s kindness is towards us, but never because of us?

6. The idea of redemption is then introduced in Ruth 2:20…but not expounded upon. But even the idea of a redeemer has made a difference in Naomi’s outlook. How has knowing that there is a true & ultimate redeemer in the Lord Jesus Christ changed your view of yourself, of others, & the world at large?

7. Finally we arrived at Ruth 2:22-23. The initial crisis has been averted at this point, but a greater question still lingers, “How will this family continue despite the deaths of all the male family members?” It is a question that looms large. What are examples of other major questions people have that require genuine trust & confidence in the Lord alone?

8. We’ve spent a great deal of time talking about the sovereignty of God & the various acts of hesed…how do these two themes give you greater confidence in the one, true, living God? How does having confidence in God bring glory to God?