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Romans 15:22-33

A: From v. 22-24, we talked about the gospel urgency that Paul displays as he has shown a great desire to preach to those who’ve never heard the gospel. What are ways that you could display gospel urgency in your life? What habits help produce a greater gospel urgency?

B: In v. 25-27, we see just how important the ministry of mercy is in Paul’s life…he is willing to go to Jerusalem to deliver a contribution to the saints. What are examples of mercy ministry today?

C: We also see in v. 25-27 that the giving was done in joy…talk about how genuine, joy-filled generosity is a mark of the Christian. How can we be more generous, in a variety of ways, in 2019?

D: In v. 28-29, Paul shows a clear confidence that being with the Roman Christians will have a fullness of blessing…it was said on Sunday that this confidence is because of knowing they’ll be serving alongside one another in gospel ministry. How does serving in gospel ministry generate sweetness & blessing for the soul? Have you experienced this kind of fullness of blessing in serving?

E: In v. 30-31, Paul shares 2 prayer requests with the Roman Christians: deliverance from unbelievers in Jerusalem & acceptance of the gift by the Christians in Jerusalem. Why is it so important to see that Paul is a man who has prayer concerns & asks for prayer? What do you take away from knowing that Paul’s prayer requests were answered…but by means that would not have been expected?

F: In v. 32-33, Paul ends by praying for the believers in Rome about their biggest issue-unity. How has the gospel brought greater unity to your community group? Take time to pray specifically for the various concerns and needs of your group.