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November 28, 2021

Pastor Nate Wright

Matthew 20:20-28


"Last week, Jesus informed the disciples of His awful future suffering; today's text transitions to the disciples' lust for future greatness."

Share with your group how you honestly answered these four questions, how they have impacted you and how you are impacting others or how you plan to share this impact with others this week:

1.  What do you want?

2.  Is what you want, what you should want according to God's Word? (If no, confess and repent of sin, and ask the Lord to grant you a desire that is pleasing to Him.  If yes, ask again, honestly, then, praise the Lord that He is graciously transferring the desire of your heart from wickedness to righteousness.)

3.  As a parent, what do you want for your children?  

  • What do you pray for your children? What are you begging Almighty God for?
  • What are you modeling for your children? How are you modeling a life toward worldly greatness (status, prestige, power)? How are you modeling a life that strives toward greatness according to our Savior?
  • How are you verbally instructing your go after the world or after Christ?

4.  Are you pursuing greatness according to God's standard of greatness---pleasing Him and serving others in His Name? "As Christ did, we should do". See Ephesians 1:7