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Psalm 19:7-11

Read the Acts 2:42; 1 Peter 1:13-16

1. It was said that those who are in Christ should THINK, SPEAK, & ACT in a drastically different way from those who are not in Christ. What are ways Christians can stand out in a godly way in these 3 categories?

2. Pastor Nate posed the question, “What does God use to make His people more like Himself?” How can godly, holy habits define and shape who we are?

3. From Acts 2:42, we see 4 habits: devouring God’s Word, meeting with God’s people (church), enjoying God’s table (communion), and coming before God’s throne (prayer). How have you seen growth in these habits over the years? What are ways you hope to grow & commit all the more to any of these habits in 2019?

Read Psalm 19:7-11

4. The Word of God is described in a variety of ways from this passage: as law, testimony, precepts, commandment, & rules. What are ways people try to undermine the authority & sufficiency of the Bible by neglecting these qualities of the Scriptures?

5. Not only does this passage give description of the Bible, but then goes on to characterize these descriptions by saying that the Bible is perfect, sure, right, pure, enduring forever, true & righteous. How do these words that characterize the quality of the Bible give us confidence to read the Bible & obey the Bible?

6. Pastor Nate spoke about the divine effects that are seen throughout these verses & how they correspond to the journey of the Christian: salvation, edification/sanctification, satisfaction, illuminating, and leading to awe of God. How have you experienced some of the effects mentioned in this verses firsthand? How does seeing the Bible’s effects throughout the Christian life from this passage help us see that none of us have moved beyond reading the Bible?

7. From v. 10, David says that the Scriptures are valuable and pleasurable. What are ways we understand that the Bible is valuable? How does a person find pleasure in immersing themselves in the Scriptures?

8. Pastor Nate gave the illustration of the lost & found pile at MBC including no cell phones, but several Bibles…which was quite convicting to consider! So how can we put things in their proper place of priority in our lives in 2019?

9. We ended by seeing from v. 11 that “in keeping them there is great reward.” So how can you, as a community group, continue to encourage, exhort, hold one another accountable to devour God’s Word in 2019?