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September 6, 2020

Matthew 8:5-13

1. We heard that the Roman centurion was marked by 4 qualities: humility, wisdom, belief, & compassion.

a) HUMILITY: What does humility to Jesus look like in your roles & responsibilities? 

b) WISDOM: Where are some of the places people go to find refuge in times of trouble? 

c) BELIEF: How does having the conviction that Jesus is God shape your interactions with others?

d) COMPASSION: What are some ways we can show care & compassion for others?

2. In Matthew 8:7, Jesus says he will heal...which is surprising considering the centurion would be "an enemy" for the audience around Jesus.

a) How does this surprising interaction of Jesus with the centurion compel us to show compassion to others?

3. After the centurion shows great respect & belief in Jesus as the Christ in v. 8-9, we see in v. 10 that Jesus marvels at the faith of the centurion.

a) What kind of faith causes Jesus to marvel?

4. In Matthew 8:10-12, Jesus makes several unpopular statements, but we see that Jesus isn't concerned with popularity, but eternity.

a) How can we, as a church & as individuals, spend our time & efforts on eternal matters?

b) When talking about "sons of the kingdom", we see that Jesus makes it clear that heritage won't earn justification before God...MAKE SURE TO TALK WITH YOUR KIDS/GRANDKIDS about this!

c) Finally, Jesus speaks on the "outer darkness" & we see that the horror of hell is terrifying. How does a belief in hell & God's judgment give us an urgency to share the gospel? Who needs to hear the truth of the gospel around you?

5. We ended with Matthew 8:13 & see that the Great Physician does the impossible in bringing healing.

a) This entire account leads us to consider: are we giving God the worship that He alone deserves?

b) What would it look like for you to be faithful to give God what He is due this week? What would be added? What would be different?