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September 27, 2020

Matthew 8:24-27

1) At this point in the year Bible reading plans can be discouraging. Hopefully everyone is reading some amount daily!

A) Share one thing from your Bible reading this week that you enjoyed.


2) When Jesus is woken up by the disciples He doesn’t chastise their prayer (Matthew 8:26). Instead, He just points out to them that they do not need to be afraid. 

A) Have you ever thought that your prayers bother God? What does this passage say about prayer?

B) If we know who God is, that He can calm the storm with only a word, why do we still fear?

C) How can we glorify God more by fearing less?


3) Pastor Matt spoke about a rightful response to the glory of Jesus. We should repent, rejoice, recall, and reach-out

A) Are you normally moved in these ways by Jesus’ glory?

B) How can we better see and enjoy Jesus’ glory in our everyday Bible reading?

C) Who is someone you can reach out to this week? 

D) Are you going to reach out to them?


Exercise: Why don’t you practice articulating the gospel as a group. Pretend as if you are explaining the gospel to a first time hearer.