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Matthew 2:1-11

WISE MEN: We looked at v. 1-2, 9-12 to consider what the wise men did in this passage.

1. It is interesting to see that Matthew is writing to a primarily Jewish audience, but Matthew 2 highlights the work of Gentiles. How does seeing that the gospel is for all people, both Jews & Gentiles, cause us to want to see the gospel go forward in our homes, schools, this valley, our nation, & around the world?

2. From v. 2, it is clear that the purpose of the wise men making the journey is WORSHIP. How can we imitate the example of these wise men as we seek to know Christ & worship Christ in our own lives?

3. Jon spoke of how the wise men serve as an example of proper worship of Jesus…how would you define “proper worship” of Jesus?

4. Moving down to v. 9-10, we see that the joy they experience is in light of their understanding of Jesus. Why is it important to connect understanding the person & work of Jesus with joy? What happens when we try to divorce true, lasting joy from knowing Christ?

5. Jon also noted from v. 11 the position of the wise men (they fell down) & the expression of their worship (offering gifts). What are ways we can demonstrate humble, sincere, sacrificial worship of Jesus Christ today?

WICKED MEN: We looked at v. 3-8 to see how those opposed to the birth of a King behaved & spoke.

1. The wickedness of Herod is on full display as you continue through v. 4-8…he finds out the location of the threat, the timing of the threat, & then seeks to deceive the wise men. How does understanding the wickedness of the human condition make the work of Christ all the more splendid & in some ways…shocking?

2. Not only is Herod wicked in this account, but so are the chief priests & scribes. Although they have sound doctrine & think Biblically…tragically they are marked by apathy & indifference…they do nothing more to investigate the matter of the birth of a King! What are examples of apathy & indifference today?

3. It was said that apathy about God leads to hostility towards God…and this is our natural position! Why does apathy about God/truth lead towards hostility concerning God/truth?


1. Throughout the Christmas season we heard over & over again that Christmas is a time to remember God’s activity & accomplishments. How were you able to focus on the work of God this Christmas? How can you make that more central to Christmas in the coming years?

2. The proper response to the person & work of Christ is worship…what ways you can become more consistent in your habits of worship in 2019?