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October 18, 2020

Matthew 9:9-13

1. Pastor Nate said that the mission of Jesus directly informs the mission of His followers.

What are some of the answers people would give if they were asked, "What is the mission of Jesus?" 

What are some of the answers people would give if they were asked, "What is the mission of the church?"

2. Looking at Matthew 9:9, we see that Jesus spends time with & calls Matthew, a tax collector who would've been despised by the rest of his society.

What does Jesus' calling of Matthew, despite his social standing, say about the kindness of Jesus?

Matthew's following of Jesus cost him financial security but gained him eternal life. What has following Jesus cost you? What have you gained from following Jesus?

3. Then in Matthew 9:10, we find out that Jesus reclines at a table with many tax collectors & sinners. 

This shows the clear mission of all followers of Jesus, to make Jesus known to others. What are the ways you can leverage your roles in life to make Jesus known?

How can hospitality be used in the future to demonstrate the love & kindness of God to others?

4. In Matthew 9:11-13, the Pharisees & Jesus have a moment where their differences are evident.

Pastor Nate noted that the Pharisees are marked by self-righteous, religious hypocrisy that champions condemnation rather than salvation. What does it look like to be this type of person today?

Jesus counters the thinking of the Pharisees by calling them to understand the mercy of God. How does understanding God's mercy cause you to engage the world differently?

How do you balance being distinct from the world with the call to engage the world? What are the signs that we are keeping both being distinct & engaging in proper tension?